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I never cared that much about the Madness until 1979. I was stationed with the Air Force in Mass. and took a static post in a portion of a two-story building that USAF cops were assigned to secure. I requested it because I could place a TV in a side room that was near the security points.

I watched much of the game between Magic and Bird and made my rounds amongst the floors in the building where the laser was initially developed (Hanscom Field, near Bedford). In the 80s soon became enamored with the annual Hoop Trek to the Final 4.

Some years my bracket predictions are pretty good, other times they’re like anyone else’s: losers before or soon after the Sweet 16 tips off. But the research and challenge of doing it and wagering a free lunch to friends (like Gilman and Spivey) and oldest son Casey indicated that I could choose more winners than they can, is an annual thing.

I still have hope that Gonzaga and Marquette will make it to the Elite 8 and Houston and Purdue earn Final 4 spots in 2023.

What are my chances? God knows, but it’s fun.

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