Thanks for not mentioning 1977 South Salem-Sprague football score! Coach appreciates it but kudos to the Sprague football team!

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Oct 19, 2022Liked by Mark Gilman

Mark, 2 priorities for you: 1) keep the posts coming, especially for prep sports. Virtually nothing out there currently, S-J rare (if only Bill Poehler was willing to return to sports coverage, but he seems to be happy doing Marion County). And 2) give a big hug to your Bride… whenever I have subbed in her classroom, whether at Leslie and before that Stephens, she has continually been a ray of sunshine and a strong asset to her students and fellow staff.

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Oct 18, 2022Liked by Mark Gilman

Wow, that 50 years flew by fast!

Keep up the great work Mark, we love your coverage. 🧡🖤🏈

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